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Masters Degree Program
Messianic Life Institute offers a Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) in Messianic Jewish Ministry and Theology. To earn this Degree, the student must complete 36 semester hours of coursework and, in addition, pass a comprehensive oral examination. The oral examination is to ensure that all MLI graduates have substantial understanding and broad knowledge of Messianic Judaism.

Although a thesis is not required for the M.T.S. degree, students with superior grades who write a thesis or complete an internship may be awarded their degree "with honors." [Return to Top of Page]

Doctors Degree Programs
Messianic Life Institute offers a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) in Messianic Judaism. This concentration emphasizes the practical application of biblical principles in Messianic Jewish ministry.

To earn this Degree, the student either must write a doctoral thesis, or create, implement, and document a major ministry project conducted under supervision. The candidate for this degree must also pass a comprehensive oral examination in Messianic Judaism and in his or her selected field of specialization. Theses and major projects are supervised by advisors that are selected by the student and approved by the school. The Doctor of Ministry work product must be the equivalent of at least two years of work, and must be completed within six years from the date of acceptance into the program.

The doctoral student may take any number of courses for credit or audit that he or she deems helpful for completing his or her thesis or major project, but the only course required for the degree is "Fundamentals of Theological & Behavioral Research." That notwithstanding, prerequisite courses may be required if the student's Masters level preparation is deemed insufficient at the time the student is admitted. [Return to Top of Page]

Undergraduate & Certificate Programs
The requirements to earn Associate's or Bachelor's degrees are are described elsewhere. Certificates of Completion may be are awarded to students who complete the equivalent of at least one year of full-time graduate-level coursework. Earning a Certificate of Completion is a way that a student may gain admission to the Masters program without having a bachelor's degree. [Return to Top of Page]