Local & Distance Study

Messianic Life Institute occasionally offers courses taught in the classroom, but most of its course offerings are recorded lectures that are downloaded or streamed via the Internet.

Students matriculated in degree or certificate programs work with one or more local mentors who oversee their studies and report their progress to the Institute's administration. Local mentors can occasionally be assigned to students, but students generally procure their own. Mentors requested by students must submit their qualifications for approval to MLI. Ideally, local mentors live close to the students they oversee, so that they can observe their students' work habits and product firsthand.

Classroom courses are conducted in the traditional manner. Distance courses are different in that the professors' lectures are delivered via recorded audio and/or video; textbooks used for distance courses are generally the same as those used in the classroom. Most MLI students study independently and at their own pace, but some classes are conducted online. To supplement the recorded lectures, students conference periodically with assigned professors or academic mentors via Skype, GoToMeeting.com, or conventional telephone. This interaction is important in enabling students to discuss issues and concerns related to their studies.

Most MLI courses are 3 semester-credit hours, and one semester in length (thirteen to fifteen weeks). Grades are usually determined via a final examination and/or a final paper.

Not all MLI students are matriculated in a degree or certificate program. Students who desire to audit MLI courses and study on their own can do so by registering at http://www.messianiclifeonline.org. Audited courses for non-matriculated students are free of charge.