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Two Kinds of Study
MLI embraces two kinds of study. Matriculated Study is where a student is enrolled in a degree or certificate program. Matriculation requires that the student apply for admission, be formally accepted to the school, be assigned to and work with mentors, take exams, write papers, receive grades, and generally fulfill degree or certificate requirements. Matriculated study has tuition and fees associated with it. Unmatriculated study is where a student is not enrolled in a degree or certificate program, and "audits" courses at his or her own pace, and without any assistance or evaluation. For unmatriculated study, there is no application for admission required, no mentoring help given, no exams to take, papers to write, or grades to receive. There is also no tuition to pay because access to MLI's online courses is free to unmatriculated students. [Return to top of page]

Expectations of Matriculated Study
In addition to listening to recorded lectures, students are expected to own or have unrestricted access to all required textbooks and other course materials. Students are also required to have periodic conferences with an assigned professor or mentor who may or not be the one that recorded the lectures. These conferences are conducted via Skype,, or conventional telephone. Final examinations and/or papers are required at the conclusion of each course, and are the basis of grades that are given, and recorded on the student's transcript. [Return to top of page]